How to Make a Release

How to Make a Release


  • Checkout dev branch. This will contain work queued up for the next release.
  • Update version number. Manually update version number in src/lightbox.js and package.json. Don’t use npm version.
  • grunt build. Make sure you have run bower install ahead of this as it will pull down jQuery which is utilized in the build step.
  • Merge to master. Commit changes and push to new branch. Create PR from this branch to master. Merge.


  • Create tagged release. Go to Github Releases page. Draft a new release. Naming convention is v2.8.1. Add notes that link to PRs.
  • npm publish. No need to do anything for Bower as it is entirely based on the Github repo.

Maintenance and Docs

  • GH clean-up. Close out issues with [status] pending release.
  • Lightbox Site. If there are any changes to the options, don’t forget to update the Lightbox Site. The code lives in a separate repo, lightbox2-site.